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Global Risk Report 2016: Climate change is the number two future risk trend

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Changing climate is the 2nd underlying trend that businesses think will affect future (10yr) global developments

A changing climate is the 2nd important trend that business leaders think that may create risks, magnify existing risks or provide opportunities to do things differently in a way that mitigates risks. Extreme weather is the identified single global risks in 2017

This is based on a global survey (745) of leaders in business, government, academia and NGO’s and international organisations undertaken by the World Economic Forum.

The report notes that in the environmental category, five environmental risks were ranked by respondents as both high-risk and high-likelihood for the first time.

  • Extreme weather events emerged as the single most prominent global risk, with the others being
  • Natural disasters,
  • Failure of climate change and adaptation, 
  • Man-made environmental damage and disasters, and
  • Major biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse.

Water crises is the 3rd ranked risk in the societal category.

See this interactive graph

The global risks that NZ respondents were most concerned about for doing business in New Zealand within the next 10 years are:
  • Extreme weather at 3rd
  • Natural catastrophes at 4th,
  • Infrastructure failure at 5th
  • Failure of climate change and adaptation at 6th


 There is more information and a copy of the report on the World Economic Forum website

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