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Search Help

Using the Climate Cloud Search

Specify your search terms in the simple search dialogue or use the detailed search.

Once the results are presented, you can

  • Refine the results as required using the refiners in the left hand column
  • Preview the documents
  • Download documents


 Simple Search

In the simple search you can enter one or more keywords.

This does a full text search on all document content and so will find the documents that contain all of the keywords you specify.  

Please note that the search works on complete words.  Using an asterisk at the end of a word will find all the words with your selection as the root. e.g., forest* would find documents containing the words forest, forests or forestry.


 Detailed Search

The detailed search allows you to find documents that have been classified by Sectors and/or Subjects. You may also specify free text search terms.

If you want to search by Sector or Subject, choose a term from the corresponding drop-down list. 

You may use both Sector and Subject if you wish.  Sector and Subject are using the classification properties assigned to the documents.

You may also enter free text search terms in the search box just like you can in the simple search.

Important:   Setting a subject or a sector  will only find results that are specifically coded for that subject or sector and will eliminate any more generic documents.


For example

This Search will find documents that contain the words water and stress and which have been classified as Sector = Sheep and Beef and Subject = Lower Rainfall.

The words water and stress could be anywhere in the document.

If you wanted to search on the phrase "water stress", you would enclose the phrase in quotes.



Search Results

For each result it shows a preview of the item, a link to the document and some content from the document showing the context of your search terms.



Refining the Results

On the left of the results page it displays some of the properties associated with the documents.  You can filter your search results by clicking on the values listed for the properties.

Clear a refiinement by clicking its red cross

Clear all refinement by clicking the link Clear all refinements.







Preview Results

To the left of each search result there is a preview of its first page. 

Hovering over the preview will enlarge the thumbnail.

Clicking the preview ito see a large view of the page.

Page controls will further enlarge or reduce preview size.







The Show document preview generates

  • previews of all the pages in the document.  
  • identifies the pages most relevant to your query 
  • hovering will increase preview size

Click a preview thumbnail so you can see the page in a readable size.

Then use the controls on the page to adjust the size of the preview or to scroll through the document.





Open the Document

To open the document click the link at the top of the search result.




Exiting the Search Results


At the top of the left-hand column of the search results page are controls to exit the Search.

Back takes you back to the previous page.  You may wish to adjust your search criteria.

Climate Cloud Home takes you back to the home page of the Climate Cloud website.


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